Haskell Registration is a Statutory Agent for the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles which allows us to register trailer(s) on your behalf in the State of Maine. Have you ever noticed that many of the trailers you see on the road are registered in Maine? That is because Maine offers many benefits to out of state registrants. Our company has been established for over 30 years and focuses much of our energy on providing exceptional service and sharing our knowledge with our customers across the US. We save you time, money, frustration and most of all; we take the “Hassle out of Registration!”

Car Registration

In order to obtain a quote for your Car, Truck or Motorcycle we would simply ask that you e-mail us your VIN #, Purchase Price, Amount of Sales Tax Paid (If any has been paid), Your Name and Phone Number. We will then respond to you within 2 business days with a final price and a complete list of documents needed in order to complete the registration process. This is a no obligation quote.

Trailer Registration

Haskell Registration can meet all your needs when it comes to registering your trailer(s)! We register all
kinds of trailers from semi-trailers (commercial trailers) to homemade trailers. All while doing our best
to keep the registration process as simple and hassle free as possible!