Car Registration

Car Registration

In order to obtain a quote for your Car, Truck or Motorcycle we would simply ask that you e-mail us your VIN #, Purchase Price, Amount of Sales Tax Paid (If any has been paid), Your Name and Phone Number. We will then respond to you within 2 business days with a final price and a complete list of documents needed in order to complete the registration process. This is a no obligation quote.

Please take notice of the following before sending us your information:

  • We CANNOT register any vehicle that is 1984 or Older.
  • We CANNOT register any vehicle that weighs 10,000lbs or heavier.
  • ALL vehicles that are 1995 and newer must have a title. If you have a lien on the vehicle the title must be released to our agency at time of registration in order to complete the registration process.
  • Any vehicle that is 1994 or older CANNOT be titled in the state of Maine, BUT must be able to show that you have a title in your name on the front, per Maine Law. If your vehicle is 1994 and older and has been signed over to you the State of Maine will require that you have it titled in your name before you can obtain a Maine Registration.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although it is legal, in the State of Maine, to provide a valid Maine Plate and Registration to an out of state registrant, it may NOT be legal for you to register your motor vehicle outside the state in which you reside. We would advise you to check with your local municipality or law enforcement to make sure that you are abiding by your current State Laws. If you choose to ignore your state laws, you do so at your own risk.

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