Utility-Boat-Farm-Personal Use Trailer

Documents Needed

1. Download, then completely fill out and return the  Utility-Boat-Farm-Personal Use Trailer Registration Packet back to us. (Please select the text link or click on the download button below for the appropriate registration packet)
2. a. IF your trailer is 1995 or NEWER and weighs over 3000lbs (Empty Weight), we will need you to provide your Original Title OR Certificate of Origin. (Please make sure that it has been signed over to you.)
2. b. IF your trailer is 1994 or OLDER, we will simply need a COPY of your Proof of Ownership. (Example: Title signed over to you, Bill of Sale with year, make and VIN #, Registration signed over to you, Etc.)
3. Copy of Bill of Sale with Year, Make, VIN # and Price: (A Bill of Sale is required for sales tax purposes.)
4. IF the trailer you wish to register has been or is currently registered in your own state in your name, a bill of sale would NOT be required.   We would simply need a copy of your existing or expired registration to prove you have already paid sales tax.


Please Note:

  • IF you already PAID your sales tax then your Bill of Sale must reflect the amount paid and to what state.
  • IF you have NOT PAID your sales tax then you will have to pay 5.5% of the amount of the purchase price of the trailer MINUS any trade in OR a registration in your name will prove you have paid your tax.


Utility-Farm-Personal-Use-Trailer-Registration-Packet-REV-4.081015.docx (791.3 KiB)
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