Special Mobile Equipment

Special Mobile Equipment (Generator / Wood Chippers / Portable Lights)

Documents Needed

1. Download , then completely fill out and return the “Special Mobile Equipment Packet” back to us.  (Please select the text link or click on the download button below for the appropriate registration packet)
2. We will need a COPY of your Proof of Ownership.    Title signed over to you or  Bill of Sale with year,   make and VIN #, Registration signed over to you, Etc.


Please Note:

  • You do NOT pay sales tax on Special Mobile Equipment.
  • Special Mobile Equipment CANNOT be titled in the state of Maine.
  • Special Mobile Equipment CANNOT have long-term plates, and they must be registered annually.


Special-Mobile-Equipment-Registration-Packet-REV-4.081015.docx (789.6 KiB)